Privacy Policy

The Swiss Club of Central is committed to protecting your privacy.


Member Inquiries:  If you inquire by phone, email or in-person about the club, activities or any other general information related to our club, we do not require any of your personal information. Email inquiries will require your name and email address.  We may ask you to provide us with your name, phone number, postal code and email address so that we can keep track of where the inquiries are coming from and how you heard about us.

You decide to become a member:  At this point we will require your name, address, phone number(s), email address, birth date, other ID's and information about your family members.  We use the information to collect about you for the following purposes:

  • Your name, address, phone numbers, and email address is all information required in order for you to become a member and to maintain our membership database.
  • Your date of birth is required for us to determine if you qualify as a senior.
  • Information about your family members is in case of club activities planned for members of your family in a particular age group.
  • By becoming a member or paying your annual membership fee you consent to:
    • Your name, address, phone number and email address can be used for our mailing list for the purpose of mailing you our newsletter(s), club related activities or other announcements or contacting you in any other way for the club related matters.
    • Your name, address and phone number may be released to other Swiss Clubs in the United States.

Computers, Private Information and "Cookies": "Cookies" are codes that are stored by your browser on your computers hard drive.  Most sites and your computer use cookies.  When you visit a site that uses cookies, the Web Server for that site will request permission to pass a "cookie" to your browser.  (It is possible to configure your browser not to accept cookies.)  Once a cookie is accepted, it occupies a few bytes on your hard drive and can improve your web surfing experience.  We may use cookies to track members and other web surfer visits to our site.  This information allows us to save you time when returning to the site.  Our cookies will not create a profile of your system or collect information from your hard drive.  We do not use cookies to store credit card numbers or other personal identification.  You aren't identified by name or email address, just by a unique number that is computer generated and assigned the first time you log on to our website.  By using our website or by emailing us you consent to the collection and use of this information by the Swiss Club of Central Florida.

Your Privacy is Guaranteed:  We are committed to keeping your information private.  We will not share, sell or reveal any of the information we collect about you or your family members with anybody outside the Swiss Club of Central Florida or other Swiss Clubs in the United States.


Swiss Club of Central Florida

March 2010